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Which president was arrested while in office, for running over a woman with a horse?

While pierce become famous and outgoing, his circle of relatives existence was a grim affair, with his spouse jane affected by infection and despair for a great deal of her lifestyles.[1] all of their children died young, their closing son being gruesomely killed in a educate twist of fate at the same time as the own family became touring quickly before pierce's inauguration. As president, pierce concurrently attempted to put into effect impartial requirements for civil service even as also gratifying the diverse factors of the democratic party with patronage, an attempt which largely failed and became many in his birthday celebration in opposition to him. Pierce was a younger america expansionist who signed the gadsden buy of land from mexico and led a failed attempt to collect cuba from spain. He signed exchange treaties with britain and japan, whilst his cupboard reformed their departments and stepped forward duty, however those successes have been overshadowed with the aid of political strife all through his presidency.

His reputation within the northern states declined sharply after he supported the kansas–nebraska act, which nullified the missouri compromise, at the same time as many whites inside the south persisted to support him. Passage of the act brought about violent war over the expansion of slavery inside the american west. Pierce's administration turned into in addition broken when numerous of his diplomats issued the ostend manifesto, calling for the annexation of cuba, a report which turned into roundly criticized. Although pierce fully anticipated to be renominated with the aid of the democrats in the 1856 presidential election, he become abandoned with the aid of his birthday celebration and his bid failed. His popularity within the north suffered in addition in the course of the civil conflict as he became a vocal critic of president abraham lincoln. Pierce, who had been a heavy drinker for a good deal of his life, died of intense cirrhosis of the liver in 1869.

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Which president was arrested while in office, for running over a woman with a horse?
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