Senin, 05 Juni 2017

Which performer was murdered by the president of their own fan club?

Stalkers and unhinged lovers captivated with celebrities are nothing new — each person from adrianne curry, george harrison, lindsay lohan, or even david letterman have had bad reports with probably dangerous those who had an unhealthy interest in them. But enthusiasts like stars to be at the least somewhat reachable to them, and that can emerge as lethal if the incorrect character is able to get close enough to a celeb. Texans can infrequently forget tejano icon selena, who was shot and killed by the president of her own fan membership in march 1995. Unfortunately, with out turning live shows into a prison-like environment, or quick of stopping fans having any contact with their favourite stars at all, it is probably that the sad destiny that christina grimmie met will maintain to appear every now and then. Irrespective of how accurate safety is, a simply dedicated person with a lethal obsession can probably discover a manner to attack the superstar they're stalking.

Proscribing peoples' get admission to to weapons might assist, however it appears pretty obvious that's not going to exchange whenever quickly. About the best component that could help is for other people to remain vigilant, and look for caution signs and symptoms that someone is probably up to no true. If nothing else, trying to intrude whilst a chum or cherished one seems to be developing an unhealthy obsession with a celeb would possibly assist to prevent tragedies like the one which took place christina grimmie.

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Which performer was murdered by the president of their own fan club?
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