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Which music artist changed his name to a symbol in the 1990s?

In 1979, prince created a band with andrĂ© cymone on bass, dez dickerson on guitar, gayle chapman and doctor fink on keyboards, and bobby z. On drums. Their first show was at the capri theater on january 5, 1979. Warner bros. Executives attended the show but decided that prince and the band wanted more time to expand his track.[28][page needed] in october 1979, prince launched the album, prince, which turned into no. 4 at the billboard top r&b/black albums charts and no. 22 at the billboard two hundred, and went platinum. It contained  r&b hits: "why you wanna treat me so horrific?" and "i wanna be your lover". "i wanna be your lover" bought over a million copies, and reached no. 11 at the billboard hot a hundred and no. 1 for 2 weeks on the recent soul singles chart. Prince accomplished each those songs on january 26, 1980, on american bandstand. On this album, prince used ecnirp song – bmi.[29]

In 1980, prince launched the album dirty mind, which contained sexually explicit material, consisting of the name song, "head", and the song "sister", and was defined by way of stephen thomas erlewine as a "lovely, audacious amalgam of funk, new wave, r&b, and pop, fueled by means of grinningly salacious intercourse and the choice to surprise."[30] recorded in prince's own studio, this album become licensed gold, and the single "uptown" reached no. 5 at the billboard dance chart and no. Five on the recent soul singles charts. Prince become also the opening act for rick james' 1980 hearth it up excursion.

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Which music artist changed his name to a symbol in the 1990s?
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