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Why was matt harvey suspended

Why was matt harvey suspended The night before his "Mets" trip, Matt Harvey Bell was stopped in the early hours of the morning in a hot spot in the "Mitbaking" area, according to "The Mail" sources.

Sources indicated that "The Dark Knight" held Bsenko de Mayo late from four in the morning until the fourth part of the day / Saturday / morning, a few hours before he failed to match at Citi Field due to rumors about "migraine".

Harvey - who earns $ 5.1 million and 2-2 with a 5.14 this season Eira - rolled around the Velvet Rope Club "with his kids" at around 1 am and settled at a private table, the sources said.

Witnesses said the star pitcher returned to the triple play of the top platform, including Armand de Briggnak "As de Sbadis" Champaign, Don Julio 1942 tequila, vodka and lookout.

The sources said that Harvey and his accompanying delegation were held until they left the club and not to 17th Street.

What happened with the rest of Saturday is the topic of discussion - sources with MLB field Harvey spin different versions.

Sources said Daily The Post reported that Mitsui director Tere Collins first noticed his absence in the jar where Amazzin practiced hitting at Citi Field, near 4:30 pm.

It was not Harvey, 28, scheduled to slip, but he is still expected to be in the game, so he asked coach Collins pitch Dan Dan's call ARTN. Sources said baseball coach did not get a response.

Later, I got ARTN a text message from Harvey said it was a migraine, and can not make the pitch. The sources said the wrath of the Collins MLB text.

Sources said the Mets sent two security officers to a Harvey GMT apartment town at ten in the afternoon for the exam.

Sources said in The Post newspaper that after the Mets beat Miami's Marlins Saturday night, they met with Collins who still meet with Jeff Koo and meet general manager Sandy Alderson and agreed to suspend Harvey for three days.
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Harvey told him when commenting on Sunday, when he informed the stadium of delay.

Taking into account Harvey's Saturday events, the Vanraj site said, he painted a different picture.

Harvey was grateful that he felt good Saturday morning and went to golf - even driving his car at four in the session, according to Vanraj.

The pitcher said Schiff made him a special lunch, then fell asleep and wake up with a migraine, according to the site.

But Harvey claimed it was the first time at the airport, where he sent ARTN text between 3pm and Wednesday afternoon messages and told him that he would not leave my Citi Field, according to his camp.

Briqy side claimed that security officers in the team rushed to the door at ten o'clock, Harvey replied, in pajamas.

But Harvey Vanraj said the security men were not present to verify his well-being - and bought on his whereabouts on Saturday.

Harvey transferred to Citi Field Sunday morning and learned his comment, costing him $ 82,219.

Collins said Harvey is not eligible to return Tuesday, but Harrinz will not start again until Friday in Milwaukee. Why was matt harvey suspended

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Why was matt harvey suspended
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