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Why is australia in eurovision

why is australia in eurovision Yes, having joined the fun as guest guests in 2015, land down the back again by 2017 attached to their hopes this time in the 17-year-old champion of the fires X Factor Esaias.

However, despite a lot of clear explanations of what Australia is doing there, in the first place, the continued presence in the competition remains confusing for those who politely pointed out that they are not actually in Europe (yes, we know thank you).

The same applies to non-European participants from Israel and Armenia, who face the same questions for years.

So, even though we can tell these loads before, we will explain once again what they are doing all there is ...
What is done in the Australian Ioroviciun contest then?

It has been originally invited originally as guests special contest the sixties based on the fact that they are big fans from the Ioroviciun channel, where it is issued under the space of each year, and do not know it, but they did well for the first Participant time Guy Sebastian, who finished fifth in the competition in Vienna. Why is australia in eurovision

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Why is australia in eurovision
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