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Why are australia in the eurovision

why are australia in the eurovision At first it was supposed to be participating once - only if they win, that is - but due to the success and popularity of the individual's efforts they have received the invitation again last year - almost won that almost all the damn with An epic Dami M epic sound of silence:

So we did not fully expect to see them again in an attempt to make it third is over - this time with Isaiah does not come easy:

Is this what Australia gets to win? Well, I'm going to have to get the semifinals on Tuesday in Australia was given a free pass to the final in 2015 - special guests - but now they must compete in the semi-finals just like any other person.
And what if they win?
Announced as co-fires Isaiah Australian Ioroviciun in Melbourne, Tuesday, March 7, 2017. (image August / Tracy Nirma)
Are you going to a golden house Isaiah Ioroviciun to Australia? (Image: August)

It is clear that the relevant time differences will make Eurovision Oz very difficult (in the end we will end up seeing the first hour of the morning rather than eight o'clock on Saturday night). But it has long been suggested that if Australia was to gain space organized jointly with the European product, with competition taking place in that country instead. Any country would be, exactly, is still uncertain - but Germany has been mentioned as a likely host in those circumstances, as did the UK.
Why Israel and Armenia are also allowed to participate in Ioroviciun when not Akunan in Europe? Why are australia in the eurovision

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Why are australia in the eurovision
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