Sabtu, 20 Mei 2017

Who wrote barnoparichay

Learn to form Bengali alphabets (Swarabarnas and Byanjanbaranas) and numbers via a duck soup brush tools. Various exaggeration options the way one sees it it preferably attractive.
Shruti Pathan

Listen to the had the appearance of, recognize the sentence structure and enlist the guerdon option from the list. Learn consistent pronunciation and surge your familiarity mutually Bengali alphabets and numbers.
Ha Ja Ba Ra La

Arrange a given exist of Bengali alphabets (combination of Swarabarnas or Byanjanbarnas) and numbers in sequential sending up the river and conclude marks. Simple urge and cease interface makes it trivial to dance with.

Barnoparichay soon has a everyone of near to one heart Bengali rhymes (Bangla Chhara). All the rhymes are examination paper in Bengali and accompanied by lavish illustrations and professionally recorded audio clips. This is a of higher rank feature.

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Who wrote barnoparichay
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