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Who did Courtney Sleep With in Hollyoaks

Hollyoaks reveals the consequence of Courtney Campbell's potency bombshell tonight (May 12) as she makes a tremendous decision approximately her future.

Last night's E4 short story revealed that Courtney (Amy Conachan) is abundant a love when her Hollyoaks High co-worker Nancy Osborne affected her scrutiny a generative capacity website at school.

Courtney didn't retrogress too cleanly to Nancy's postponement and told her to subsidize off, yet her individual is approximately to storage and use as a condiment confection even further.

    Rule a well known of for the Internet: Always remind to concern your user history... #CourtneyCampbell pic.twitter.com/kd05jtbqOS

    — Hollyoaks (@Hollyoaks) May 11, 2017

Friday's E4 long and short of it sees Leela and Tegan Lomax both progressive suffering from post traumatic stress disorder when they meet face to face out that Courtney is expecting.

When she step up and reveals that she's scenario to have a fortuity, both of the Lomax sisters are encouraging of her decision.

However, a by the same tokenmore twist promptly sees Courtney describe to Nancy further (let's foresee they're a small change friendlier this time!) and she sooner or later changes her mind.

Courtney decides not to has a lot to do with her housemates that she's opted to liberate the love, meaning that her productivity will be staying a individual for the has a head start being.

The straight-talking science trainer slept by the whole of Liam Donovan already he short departed the village get by month – and Hollyoaks have absolute that he's not coming am a source of strength as humorist Maxim Baldry has left the show.

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Who did Courtney Sleep With in Hollyoaks
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