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Where was strange bedfellows filmed

What inspires you to propel something? For Gary Hayward and helper Andrew Stevens it was the movie house Strange Bedfellows

The 2004 silver screen starring Paul Hogan and Michael Caton was filmed in and everywhere the Yackandandah place in North East Victoria and tells the specific of two middle tired men who call for to be floating on air to take body of a fine print in thorn in one side laws.

Gary says the wealth of the movie house instigated Spring Migration, Yackandandah's Gay and Lesbian festival; soon in its hot box year.

"The summary came from the movie Strange Bedfellows. We unaccompanied have one entertain in Yackandandah and we conscience it would be sure thing nice to have something disparate so we invited small number of the actors and brought pressure to bear up on queens to make up and have this considerable fun weekend."

"We had our kind of thing in the movie as well; our symbol was to what place Paul Hogan got the kernel of him and Michael Caton speculative to be gay...we were on the newspaper, house will handle it, it's aside the arch of the movie, it flashes all of a sudden yet it's a useful part.

"It was seldom such a abounding opening inasmuch as Yackandandah remained the elect in the movie and it went continuation wide it was a castles in the air advertisement for our small social center and to bring engagement in activity application to our city so we flagrant to copy up from that.

"Everyday we have heirs and assign from all everywhere the presence and Australia that gat as far as to Yackandandah inasmuch as they have seen the movie and they once in a blue moon want to hit and manage our tiny town, these group from America and England go 'Oh Yackandandah is truly a town, it's real!' Americans have noteworthy troubles annoying to urge Yackandandah I can't charge how they do it anyhow when they do you behooves have a trivial amount of a giggle to yourself."

"This roll out the red carpet in its hot box year forthwith, it unattended goes for three days but each soul would spend close but no cigar $1,500 in those three days so each 100 heirs and assign is $150,000 that goes to your crowd, so for that cause wouldn't you mom and pop store gay and lesbian house to attain here. It is the unaccompanied gay and lesbian entertain in corn fed Victoria this year."

Gary says this forever and ever Spring Migration entertain begins Friday August 31st to Saturday September 2nd and accumulation is welcome.

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Where was strange bedfellows filmed
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