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When does the senate vote on health care

Republicans traveled to the White House on Thursday to embrace victory over the health of the Rose Garden, When does the senate vote on health care but the Republicans in the Senate were not in the mood to celebrate.

Instead, they sent a clear message: When it comes to health care, we will do something for us.

"I think there will basically be a bill in the Senate," said Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo), the fourth Republican camera.

"The bill will be the Senate, so we'll see," said Sen. Jeff Flick (R-Arizona).

"We will develop a package that reflects the priorities of our members with a clear goal of getting 51 votes," said Oren Hatch, Sen. G. (R-Utah).
The following is a replacement for Obamacare Graphic View Bill

Now that the House has gone through a difficult reform of the country's health system, the move is being directed to the Senate, where Republican leaders are struggling with political and procedural challenges that complicate the chances of the final step.

Republican senators say their strategy is to develop their own alternative to affordable health care law. It is unclear how close it is to an approximate measure that passed through the House on Thursday or the Republican Party in the Senate to resolve their differences.

A small group of Republican senators met Thursday morning in the office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KI) to begin setting their health priorities Senator John Cornin (R-TEX).

"The leader was designed to be a small group of individuals who represent different views and opinions in our conference," "If this team can get a" yes ", then [take] the rest of the conference," Corinne said.

Cornin will not commit to a timetable for voting in the Senate, simply saying: "When we get 51 senators will vote."

Our Republicans 52-48 on the Democrats in the Senate, leaving the GOP leaders with a narrow margin of error at home where the conflict between Republican lawmakers on track has almost been pushed on multiple occasions.

Referring to the frustration that some senators already Republicans with the bill in the House of Representatives, Sen. Lindsey O Graham (SC) issued a skeptical note on Thursday on Twitter: "The bill - ended yesterday, was not rated, does not allow modifications and 3 hours Final debate - should be considered with caution. "
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, accompanied by Sen. Currie Gardner, John Barasso Sen. (R-Ayoming) and Senator John Thun (RS.D.) media this week on Capitol Hill. (Aaron P. Bernstein / Getty Images)

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Republicans in the Senate have chosen to use a maneuver known as reconciliation in an attempt to pass the bill by a simple majority rather than having to remove the 60-vote threshold required for most legislation. In the current balance of power, this requires democratic voices. So getting a simple majority can not be a small task.

Republican senators from states expanded medical aid under the Affordable Care Act, such as Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio) and Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.), expressed concern about the bill's reflection in the House bill.

"Certainly," Capito said, when asked if he still had concerns.

Meanwhile, three conservative Republican senators - Ted Cruz (Texas), Mike Lee (Utah) and Rand Paul (Kentucky) - also wild cards.

They were willing to defend the leadership of the party: Earlier this year, they pushed for the more aggressive abolition of the law of health care many of his favorite colleagues.

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"I think the Freedom House pool was able to make the project much less bad law," Paul said. "I think I still have some basic problems."

Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and Susan Collins (R-Min) already presented an alternative plan, giving legislators a second measure to analyze whether the discussions about Bill Crombel are current.

Then there are the procedural hoops that Republicans in the Senate have to clarify, which could lead to the stripping of some provisions of the bill's signature in the House. When does the senate vote on health care

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When does the senate vote on health care
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