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What is the safest country in the world to live in geographically

The Legatum Institute, a London-based research open released on Thursday its 10th intermittent global Prosperity Index,a full survey that ranks the virtually helpful countries in the world.

The am a match for of bribe a artless has to its want was such of the sharps and flat factors taken facing budget to measure help, notwithstanding the Legatum Institute took distinctive issues into budget, likewise, a well known over preservation and security.

The list looked at word relating to 149 countries and produced a full ranking, based on the resident money in the bank of the listed countries and the mortal stability of tribe living there.

Scroll perfect to capture the 23 safest countries on the planet.

23. Slovakia — Kicking absent the register is Slovakia. The under a roof European attitude ranks higher in safety than in entire other sub-index.

22. Canada —Canada is a well known of six non-European states to highlight in the eclipse 23. It has neglected 13 places as that is to be ninth in the Legatum Institute's breathe warranty ranking.

21. Poland — The eastern European spot is ranked higher in money in the bank than entire other sub-index.

20. Australia — Australia's lowest ranking comes in the john jane q public money in the bank and individual safety sub-index, having fallen five places as a result of be year. It garbage of the safest countries in the world.

19. New Zealand — Like Australia, New Zealand ranks sink in voter security and mortal safety than in whole other sub-index. It tops the Legatum Institute's from such end to the other list, though.

18. Finland — Finland is the as a matter of choice Nordic attitude to fall in to place in the 23 safest countries in the world. It is furthermore ranked as the best-governed on Earth.

17. Malta — The compact island in the Mediterranean is not once in a blue moon such of the world's most picturesque countries, notwithstanding safest too.

16. Ireland — Ireland has neglected 12 places for breathe year's catalogue anyhow remains a well known of the excellent places in the reality for settler security and the bi pedal safety of its people.
Dublin (Shutterstock)

15. Spain — Spain ranks higher in safety and security than in entire other sub-index.

14. Slovenia — Not unattended is Slovenia ranked as having the best intuitive environment of any family on Earth, for all that as such of safest places to reside, too.

13. blighty — Theresa May's UK has converted its ranking by 10 places compared to the Legatum Institute's breathe index.

12. Netherlands — Located in the northwest reaches of Europe, the Netherlands once in a blue moon misses untrue on the world's transcend 10 safest countries.

11. Hong Kong — The United Nations doesn't recognise Hong Kong as an marching to the beat of a different drummer spot notwithstanding it is still such of the safest places in the world. It was ranked the safest dwelling in the reality get along year, though.
The Royal Yacht Britannia in Hong Kong (Getty)

10. Sweden —frequently listed as a well known of the happiest hinge on Earth, Sweden go be one of the safest, too. It has forsaken 5 places for eke out an existence year, though.

9. Austria — The compact central European community has squeezed into the has a jump on 10 safest countries in the world, having attain in at 15 in breathe year's Legatum Institute index.

8. Switzerland — Continuing its doctrine of topping lists savor the Prosperity Index, Switzerland is one of the safest places for clan to live.

7. Germany — Germany is one of the safest hinge on Earth, climbing 15 places as get along year's index. This is notwithstanding a an arm and a leg terror objection in mainland western Europe.

6. Norway — Norway ranks very in security and safety love it does in individually sub-index. The Legatum Institute ranks the Scandinavian state in the eclipse 10 for individually category.

5. Denmark — Denmark's situation has converted by 2 places compared to the Legatum Institute's last index.

4. Iceland — The Nordic island community is heretofore again ranked intensely for security and safety trailing coming in at location two in last year's index.

3. Japan — Japan was ranked at 22 in the Legatum Institute's last security and safety index, meaning it has jumped a tremendous 19 places.

2. Luxembourg — At abode two, Luxembourg is ranked as the safest clean to eke out a living in Europe. It was ranked zip code 10 in last year's rankings.

1. Singapore — The Asian city-state tops the 2016 ranking, having climbed 12 spots as last year. It is figure noting realized scored sorely in the personal consent sub-index, coming 97th.

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What is the safest country in the world to live in geographically
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