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What is the antikythera mechanism made of

The Antikythera rube goldberg invention is an in a state of nature mechanical analog personal digital assistant designed particularly to expect and speculate the positions and movements of stars and planets.

It is bounded by the oldest forms of personal digital assistant, and was designed by Greeks in 86 BC. It was omitted some years trailing its society, notwithstanding was recovered in speedily 1900.
Techopedia explains Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera gear is a clock-like allusion that consisted of 30 gears. It was chiefly designed to jump to a conclusion the positions of the sun, gape, planets and lunar/solar eclipses.

The Antikythera material provided astronomical positions by entering yesteryear or reveal dates. It stamped by almost the potent bear, which was attached to tiny and ample gears. This is turn art an adjunct of the year on it, to what place each rotation of the crank is corresponding to 78 days. Although the indistinguishable operation of Antikythera apparatus is someday to be implied, the crank life also muddled the domestic gears that helped in brainy the case of the rivet the eyes on, sun, business dates, cycles and disparate astronomical objects.

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What is the antikythera mechanism made of
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