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The first newspaper published in india was

Indian illustrate media is as a matter of fact old as compared to distinct countries in the world. This had facilitated the earlier British cane in India to print sooner hearsay complimentary in the year 1780 and referred to as "The Bengal Gazette" for reputed daily chitchat of the regions under British rule. Since Calcutta was the willingly British corridors of power known as East India Company, The alternately Indian news handout "The Bengal Gazette" was printed in Calcutta for dispersion to distinctive regions in India under British rule.
Later the as a matter of choice news handout named"Samachar Darpan" was printed in Bengali Language.

Hickey's Bengal Gazette was an English newspaper published from Kolkata (then Calcutta), India. It was the as a matter of choice major newspaper in India, en route in 1780. It was published for two years.

Founded by James Augustus Hicky, a intensively eccentric Irishman who had then spent two ages in Jail for debt. Later on, Hicky was taken in to custody because he earned the annoyance of the Governor-General Lord Warren Hastings. He would regularly coin a phrase articles criticising the activities of Lady Hastings, Lord Hastings' wife. Hicky continued to set up from jail till his at work types were shanghaied from him under Lord Hasting's orders.

Hicky's Bengal Gazette or the Calcutta General Advertiser was the as a matter of choice English-language newspaper, and very the willingly printed newspaper, impending published in the Indian sub-continent. The newspaper shortly became as a matter of fact famous not abandoned among the British soldiers posted in India at that has a head start but by the same token inspired the Indians to write newspapers of their own.

It was a weekly newspaper, and was build, in Calcutta, the backing of British India. The paper ceased handout on March 23, 1782. The memoirist William Hickey (who, confusingly, was not in fact familiar to the paper's founder) describes its establishment urgently after he had succeeded (in his gift as an attorney-at-law) in having James Hicky declared from debtor's gao.

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The first newspaper published in india was
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