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Riddle what do you get when you mix lemons with gunpowder

Lemons were loved as summertime refreshment for lots of years. Over the centuries, many have argued wherein the tart, sour fruit originated; a few say the lemon first came from either Malaysia, China, Persia, or Asia Minor. twentieth century archaeological evidence but suggests that the fruit got here originally from the Indus Valley - a lemon formed earring carbon dated from 2500 BC was observed there. by way of the primary century advert the fruit turned into being cultivated in Palestine and Greece. by the second one century advert lemon cultivation had spread to Libya in Northern Africa. Growers there exported lemons by means of the shipload throughout the Roman Empire – one can even see a lemon depicted in a mosaic within the historical town of Pompeii.

Many centuries later, as tea became the drink of preference in Britain, human beings observed that the tart acidic flavor of lemons complemented the astringency of inexperienced tea flawlessly. We’re certain you’ll discover our model of this tea fresh pot after pot. by the way, this is certainly one of our favorites poured over a pleasant tall glass of ice with a sprinkling of sugar. Lemon tea, you may’t beat it.

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Riddle what do you get when you mix lemons with gunpowder
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