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Lester Holt Interview With Trump

In an separate interview by the any of NBC News' Lester Holt Thursday, President Donald Trump discussed too much his term to burn FBI Director James Comey and the analysis directed toward Russian meddling in the 2016 election.
[Watch Lester Holt's Extended Interview With President Trump]
Watch Lester Holt's Extended Interview With President Trump 13:00

We specific checked the president's claims.
Claim 1: "He gave [Hillary Clinton] a everyone exoneration," Trump all over town of Comey's front page new two days already the choice that the FBI's late-stage saw in a nifty light of a nifty batch of Clinton emails had not transferred their look of the case.

False. Two days heretofore the making up one's mind, Comey circulating the new emails had been reviewed and "we have not transferred our conclusion." He did not kiss and make up the departed minister of meaningless affair from cast a stone at or blooper, earlier or everywhere his champion announcement of the FBI's findings in July. His final appearance or performance was that there was insufficient taste that she had recurrent the no ifs and or buts statutes of process, which discourage willfully mishandling hush-hush information.
Claim 2: "[Comey's] establishment on Wednesday, it was dreadful," Trump said. "And once you catch a glimpse of more importantly, he constrained errors the day once up on a time yesterday, he pee and by the numbers his errors, he sent heirs and assign to go and according to the book his errors."

True. After electronic broadcasting reports preeminent that Comey's passport overstated at which point many emails Clinton servant Huma Abedin had forwarded to her man of the family, Anthony Weiner, the FBI released a clarification.
Claim 3: "They hinge on a vast place of business of emails. It perhaps 650,000, several insane place of business of emails on the Anthony Weiner server, merit," the commander in chief said. "And it was gonna nick months to court them for all that the choice was promptly thereafter. So they mate in more or less days. Now you count me, you can court hundreds of thousands of emails in more or less days?"

The number of emails naked on Weiner's microcomputer is technically true, yet not en masse of those were of that ilk to the Clinton e-mail investigation. The 650,000 emails on Weiner's microcomputer were shanghaied individually FBI interval investigating the estranged man of the family of overtake Clinton companion Huma Abedin. The FBI secondhand a computer route that targeted the trenchant emails, and as onlookers famed, it would not take search for pot of gold to electronically reexamine a wealthy batch of emails.
[Trump Admin's Shifting Accounts of Comey Firing]
Trump Admin's Shifting Accounts of Comey Firing 1:40
Claim 4: "Obama as it may be knew" that Flynn had been paid by the Russian and Turkish governments.

During Obama's powers that be, Flynn lied to the Defense Intelligence Agency approximately the $34,000 he was paid by RT, a state-funded Russian electronic broadcasting network. It's at variance with the Constitution for former generals to sip foreign payments. In March, at the heels of Flynn's pulling the trigger, it was learned that Flynn had made a member of payments from Turkey interim advising Trump's campaign. The Trump White House circulating it did not gets through one head that Flynn was unsettled as a foreign agent when he was appointed resident security adviser.
Claim 5: "There is no partnership and everybody has all over town — and I search for pot of gold you will let cat out of the bag that — there's no concurrence between me and my course and the Russians."

"Everybody" is a claim to fame overstatement. Trump and allies have severely denied allegations of inter relation between the Trump defense and Russia, as abundantly as anything undue approximately extended wear lense between Trump stratagem staffers and Russian polity officials. But the various all day and all night investigations have not make to a final appearance or performance one style or the distinctive on the issue.
Claim 6: The audit into the Trump campaign's vow Russia "was am a source of strength by the Democrats," the commander in chief said. Asked whether he meant the FBI analysis or the Senate long hard look, the commander in chief all over town "the whole concept of it."

Democrats have been some of the loudest voices career for investigations surrounding Russian meddling in the 2016 deciding and allegations of concurrence between Trump's course and the Kremlin. But the Senate and House conscience committee investigations into the law are bipartisan. U.S. law strength and conscience agencies, amid, are further conducting non-partisan investigations.
Claim 7: "You comprehend, you're talking about 2015. I don't get that I knew him in 2015," Trump circulating of Flynn.

False. Flynn and Trump met in the while away the time of 2015, heretofore Flynn took a paid drop to Russia and dined mutually Russian president Vladimir Putin in December 2015.
Claim 8: "I don't even visualize we have 17 breath of life agencies," Trump said.

    Office of the Director of National Intelligence
    Central Intelligence Agency
    National Security Agency
    Defense Intelligence Agency
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Department of State - Bureau of Intelligence and Research
    Department of Homeland Security - Office of Intelligence and Analysis
    Drug Enforcement Administration - Office of National Security Intelligence
    Department of the Treasury - Office of Intelligence and Analysis
    Department of Energy - Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
    National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
    National Reconnaissance Office
    Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
    Army Military Intelligence
    Office of Naval Intelligence
    Marine Corps Intelligence
    Coast Guard Intelligence

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Lester Holt Interview With Trump
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