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Guardians of the galaxy 2 Cast, Review, Trailer

Galactic Guards Volume 2 is an American superstar movie of 2017 based on the Marvel Comics Galaxy Hero Hero Team, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios. This is a sequel to the Galaxy guards 2014 and the XV film Marvel Universe Director. The film was written and directed by James Gunn and starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Batista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Michael Rucker, Karen Gillan, Bum Clementeev, Elizabeth Debike, Chris Sullivan, Sean Gunn, Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell. In Galactic Guards Volume 2, guards travel across the universe while helping Peter Coyle learn more about his true descent. 2017 guardians of the galaxy 2

The film was officially announced in Comics International San Diego 2014 before the release of the play from the first film, along with the return of the first movie saga, with the sequel title revealed later in the year in June began in 2015. The main film filming in February 2016 in the forest Pine Studios Atlanta in Fayette County, Georgia, with many changes from the crew of the first film due to other commitments. The filming was completed in June 2016. Gunn chose to create the sequel shortly after the first film to explore the new roles of characters such as parents, and follow the story of the badminton father established along the first film Russell was confirmed in this role in July 2016, Feather father. 7 things that need to happen in guardians of the galaxy 2

Galactic Guards Volume 2 debut in Tokyo on April 10, 2017, is scheduled to be released in the United States on May 5, 2017, 3D and 3D IMAX. The sequel, Galactic Guards Volume 3, is due to go into production with James Gunn back to writing and directing the film. blitzwinger disney infinity 2.0 guardians of the galaxy 7


In 2014, Peter Coyle, Gamora, Drax, Grout and the child recognized as galactic guards. Aisha, the leader of the Sovereign Race, has guards to protect the valuable batteries from a monster between the dimensions in exchange for the alienated sister Gamora Nebula, who was arrested in an attempt to steal batteries. After a rocket theft thing for himself, Sultan attacked the ship's guards with a fleet of drone. The drones were destroyed by a mysterious figure, but the guards were forced to collide a nearby planet. This figure revealed the father of the badminton, the ego, who calls the badminton, accompanied by Gamora and Drax, home, while the rocket launch and Groot remain behind to repair the ships and guard the nebula. disney infinity 2 o guardians of the galaxy

Meanwhile, Yondu Udonta and his team, who have been exiled from the devastating child trafficking community to retrieve guardians. Catch the rocket, but when Yundu shows no desire to surrender the badminton, his lieutenant Taserface leads a rebellion with the help of a mist. Taserface jails the firing of rockets and Yondu aboard the ship runs Yondu loyalty, while Nebula to locate and kill Gamora, who is to blame for all the torture by his father, Thanos actually. While jailed, the Yondu Link missile. Groot, along with Yondu Lealista Kraglin launches rockets and Yondu and destroy the ship and its crew while escaping, but not before Taserface's sovereign fleet tilt. disney infinity 2.0 guardians of the galaxy part 2

The Ego says it is one of the heavenly gods, and is in the form of a planet you. The human form is assumed to travel in the universe and interact with other species, possibly knowing and falling in love with the badminton mother, Meredith. After the death of Meredith, I pushed Yondu ego to choose a young badminton, but Yondu never surrender the ego has been looking for his son since. Feather teaches how to deal with the heavenly power within the planet. The nebula reaches the planet ego and tries to kill Gamora but the couple fails to reach an uneasy alliance when they discover the caves filled with skeletal remains. The Britta ego reveals that in his travels thousands of worlds, sowing seedlings thousands of people are able to transform them into new expansions of the same, but can only be activated by the power enjoyed by the Second Heavenly. To this end, he enriched countless women hired Yondu to pick up the children; they could not reach heavenly power, so the ego killed them, even found a badminton. Using an ego feather to activate the seedlings, they begin to consume all the world. Feather magnetically to help the ego, but fight after revealing the ego that deliberately kill Meredith. guardians of the galaxy #1 2008

Ego Imbath, the Mantis, and grows near Drax and warns, Gamora's plan and the ego nebula just as the rockets, Yondu, Grott and Kraglin arrive. Parents come together to the core of the planet, where the ego-brain, and anti-drones come from Sultan. A rocket factory of Groot batteries shows a stolen pump in the brain's ego, while an ego-feud conflict with its newly discovered powers over allowing other escapees to escape. A bomb exploded, killing the ego and making the planet decompose. Yondu sacrifices himself to save Coyle, who realizes that Yondu did not give the ego to save the fate of other offspring of the ego, and Yondu was a true "wad" badminton. After reconciling with Gamora, Nebula continues to decide to go out and try to kill Thanos. Guardians held a funeral Jondu, attended by dozens of destroyed ships, and recognize and accept the sacrifice of Yondu again as the destroyer. guardians of the galaxy 2 1-3

In a series of half, after the credit scenes, Kraglin takes the arrow by the retrograde motion; yondu stirring and fins control. The destructive leader Stakar Ogord, inspired by the sacrifice of Yondu, meets with his ex-colleagues. Groot begins to grow to normal size, showing typical adolescent behavior in the process; Aisha creates a new artificial being that plans to destroy parents, naming Adam. An astronaut discusses several experiments on Earth with a group of sedentary observers. guardians of the galaxy 2 100

(L: R) Rucker, Pratt, Saldana, Gillan, Klementieff, Bautista, Debeki Russell Strengthen the Galactic Guards Volume 2 in 2016 San Diego Comic Con International .. guardians of the galaxy 2 1080p wallpaper

    Chris Pratt and Peter Coyle / Star of the Lord:

    The half-human leader, the celestial means of galaxy guards who was abducted from the ground when he was a child and grew up by a group of thieves and foreign smugglers called the destroyers [4] [5] describing the badminton at the beginning of Pratt's film. "He is now famous in the galaxy because he saved a lot of people ... he feels that part of this group, the leader of this group and try to stay away from problems, but do not necessarily do the best work. [6] Pratt, who worked on the film, forced him to reconcile with his father's death. Pratt returns as part of the contract with Marvel's many films. [8] Wyatt Oliv, again depicts young badminton. [17]: 17: 15 guardians of the galaxy 2 123

    Zoe Saldana as Gamora:

    A member of the guardians and orphan of a strange world seeking redemption for his past crimes. Trained by Thanos to be his personal killer. Saldana described the role of Gamora in the team as "voice of reason" saying, "She is surrounded by all these men half-stupid time." [10] She added that she is a "mummy" team, said with regard to Gamora nebula, "We started somewhere crazy, but due to the fact that things have ended I" film. [12] guardians of the galaxy 2 1920x1080

    Dave Batista as Drax Destroyer:

    A loyal guard and high-profile warrior sought revenge against Thanos for killing his family. [5] Bautista chose to wait for the final version of the script, instead of the previous drafts, to be amazed by the story and not "get away from magic" or "put down", which I felt when I read the script for the first film. [13] Described how Drakes advanced from the first film, Bautista called it "more fun, driven" and had a "sense of innocence and sorrow" [10], although "the first perception of the people of Drax [that] is just large, Muscly, he will come in and have a character work. "He added that the guards" more than a strong family become "in the film, Drax getting" more affection closer and with other guards. " [14] Bautista's structure took only 90 minutes to apply and less than four hours for the first film. He must sit in the sauna at the end of the day to remove the make-up, after he found his makeup test also "abrasive." [11] guardians of the galaxy 2 1st trailer

    Vin Diesel as Baby Voice Groot:

    Member Guardian is a robot and partner rocket-like tree. [15] "The Groot Child," executive producer Jonathan Schwartz said, Groot is the youngest in the film than at the beginning, known as "He has the wisdom and experience of Grott that she is the younger Groot and the more berserk Groot". [17] Diesel child Groot "can not be more naive" Groot felt seen in the first film was "university level Groot, he has not yet fully grown, but he is a man ... Now he has to start everywhere, if So let 's see this adorable, adorable baby groot thing running across the screen just some learning as it goes. [18] The director and writer James Gunn's child poetry Grott was "the best character written from the first Grotte in some way" and "the character is more complete" because of heightened personal awareness during filming, unlike the first film where "Always Forget There" sang and cast with the actor Foot No You do not have the same presence as the Gunfire Rocket Shooter. [19] The idea of ​​the child came to Grott during the filming of the first film, a rear shot with a rocket position on Groot's shoulder. Master Russell Martin Boubitt created a 1: 1 miniature model of the 25 cm (10 inch) groot baby for filming to use "puppeteered lighting signal and sometimes against actors while filming scenes." It communicates with the phrase "I'm Groot" in the various convolutions, which created a gnut for the "copy of Groot" script for itself and the diesel containing each item of Groot in English. Diesel also made Groet's voice for sixteen playgrounds in a foreign language film, the top six in the first film. guardians of the galaxy 2 2016 imdb

Bradley Cooper as a voice rocket:

    A member of the Guards is a Bounty Hunter-based GM and mercenary mercenary who is also a master of weapons and military tactics. Sean served again as a support for the character during filming, [24] which shows that, like the first film, "a rocket has the same kind of crisis faith as to whether or not it belongs in this family." [25] James Gunn added: "This is really about a missile reaching an agreement with accepting a place within a group of people, which may have seemed a good idea for two seconds when they were getting along and saving the planet. Now Como is not very comfortable with the idea that Be part of this group ". FEIGE said the relationship between rocket fire and Groot had changed, saying: "While Grot was a rocket protector in the first film, the Grote missile is a protector." [11] guardians of the galaxy 2 2017 cast

    Michael Rucker as Yondu Udonta:

    A blue bucanero skin is a destroyer leader, a figure father of badminton, [26] and a Guardian member. [27] Yondu has a larger fin head in the film, so bringing his character closer to his comedian. guardians of the galaxy 2 2017 full movie

    Karen Guillan as ambiguous:

    The adoptive daughter of Thanos who grew up with Gamora as a brother, [29] and a reluctant member of the guards. [12] Despite being an Guardian team member, Gunn said: "With a nebula, well, you never know what will happen with that." [27] Gunn's production team has devised a way for Gilan to not have to shave his head for the role, unlike the first film, [30] so Gilan pointed out his appreciation of not having to do. [28] revealed that Gilan had only half the razor head for the film, removing the bottom and leaving the top. Gilan took two hours to apply, five hours for the first film. [21] Gilan said the film further explored the twinning relationship between Nebula and Gamora, including her dramatic background "What happened to these two girls grow up and really how terrible it was for them and how it ruined their relationship" [11] noting that "we will also start To see how much pain Thanos really caused Sadeem ... really begin to see the emotional crack in his personality. " [31] guardians of the galaxy 2 2017 movie free download

    Bum Clementiev as the mantis:

    Members of the Guard with the powers put their sympathy by the ego. Schwartz said the craft "did not really experience social interaction", "learn about dealing with people" and "social complications" of other guards. Klementieff added: "She was very lonely alone, so it is something completely new to see these people and discover new things and new emotions and a new way to share things ... I think like a child, you know you're discovering strange things and things are wrong and say strange things or you're uncomfortable . "The Drake and the Drake are also" interesting "as FEIGE, because" both balls are full stranger. "[11] guardians of the galaxy 2 2017 nova

    Elizabeth Debike as Aisha: The Supreme Priest of Gold and the leader of the sovereign people. [35] [36] [37]
    Chris Sullivan as Taserface:

    Mutinoso leader of a group of destroyers. [35] [37] Gunn originally published an image of the comic book character in their social media after landing Galaxy guards, describing it as "the most stupid of all time stamp" and never presenting a character in the film. When it came time to create this character, Gunn felt the character was the same eye and decided on Taserface, calling it "real dumbass" as well as "a very strong man." [38] The structure of Sullivan took two and a half hours to three hours each day to apply. [22]: 22: 45 guardians of the galaxy 2 2017 release date

    They sang as Kraglin: Yondu II in command in the destroyers. [29] James Gunn confirmed that Kraglin would have an expanded role compared to the previous film. [39] guardians of the galaxy 2 2017 trailer
    Sylvester Stallone as Stakar Ogord:

    A high-level destroyer has a history with Yondu, [28] [40] also known as Starhawk. [41] Genn Stakar described it as "very important for the Marvel", [42] although he was not sure if Stallone appeared in folder 3 when the folder. 2 ", it is our plan to see more Stallone" in future films MCU. [41] guardians of the galaxy 2 27x40 poster

Kurt Russell as the ego:

    Heavenly, the old and the cosmic cosmos which is the father of badminton and the raising of the mantis. [28] Pratt first proposed to look at gospel messengers. The ego depicts an image of which appears more traditionally in the form of comics in the "living planet". [43] The ego allowed to be used in the film after it reached 20th Century Fox contract deal with Marvel Studios to return rights to the ego film to change the energy system of negónica teen heads wanted Fox used in Deadpool (2016). Jean who initially thought that Marvel was right in personality, said that if Fox is not treated, he "no backup plan, it was almost impossible to drop another character" extensive work around the character. [45] For the opening film Flashback, set in the 1980s, Russell-Age was with makeup on the set and then "touched" the CGI. Aaron Schwartz also served as a reference for the young I. [47] guardians of the galaxy 2 2nd trailer

In addition, Laura Haddock returns from the first film as Meredith Cowell, such as Henry Gregg his father, Seth Green as the voice of Howard Duck, and dogs as a unique actor Cosmo. [48] ​​[Best Source Need] The destructive members of Yondu in the team featured in the film include Evan Jones Key, Jimmy Orin as Half Nut, Stephen Blackhart as Brahl, Steve Aggie as GEF, Mike Escamela as Scrote, Joe Freya as Oblo , Terence Rosemori as Narblik, [37] and Tommy Flanagan as Tullk. [51] [37] [52] Michael Rosenbaum, Martinex T'Naga, Ving Ramis as Charlie-27, and Michelle Yoh like his female counterpart from Stakar, Alita Ugord / Starhawk, are other members of Stakar and Yondu's old team. . [41] Also included in the team are Krugarr's personalities and central, with the latter expressed in a necroded veil by Miley Cyrus. [41] [53] Yoh threw his love for the Hong Kong films of the 90s, [55] and Cyrus wielded admiration after "her voice tone" while looking at her as a judge in his voice. He said the team in future films Stakar MCU with Stallone. [41] guardians of the galaxy 2 2nd trailer song

David Hasselhoff makes a cameo appearance as himself, along with contributing to the soundtrack of the film, [55] while Rob Zombie once again has a voice veil. Stan Lee looks like a spaceman talking to some watchers, talking about past adventures and include embossing me, in other MCU movies. This was a reference to a popular theory fan that I could photograph one of the same guards in a different veiled game, with FEIGE saying: "Stan Lee is clearly present, you know, above all the reality of all the films ... The idea was that there might be sitting at the station During the jump Cosmic series got a lot of fun James's guards had that idea and ... really say, so wait a moment, it's the same character that appeared in all these films. "[57] Jeff Goldblum briefly appears during an hour, Grand Master, before A much larger role in Thor: Ragnarok. That Nathan Fillion looks like Simon Williams, having a sound veil in the first film, but the scene was eventually cut into the film. The scene has shown several film posters for films starring Williams, an actor, including films depicting Arkon and Tony Stark. [58] [59] guardians of the galaxy 2 300mb dual audio

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