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Dzuma Text Story

Dzuma Text Story The final image of the diaper on barbed wire is not original with this production or co-director, Rick and Jill Daly Helweg. Braun text, like most powerful and more fluid images, served as the script for the film, with dialogue in the column and staging put next to the other. Helweg and Daly and the company has made the staging was taken and give a life absurd and live. Sometimes the little things that make it up: the ritual movement of nurses infuse some special ominosity into scenes in the operating room. Sometimes big: members of the rat squads, Michael Franco take wonderful advantage of one of Braun's best theater ideas, dance plays horrible - horrible time and no worries - in the life of plagues.

There is a bitter bitter comedy, dark slap in part, like that in which journalist Christopher Coldoff marathonist every time he drowns in bureaucracy and despair. Or where the author Eric Ronis keep coming back to the typewriter, hoping to overcome a bad first sentence, just to have a phone or a radio or sound remembers the plague and sent more into his block. Read Also Definition of dzuma Baby Story

Of more direct terror in the performance of Mark Nelson as a janitor affected by the disease, as well as the quiet young Hilary Mac Austin when the young mother hangs her wash.

The only place where the actor to establish Dzuma was very bad - despite some rough production values ​​- is in his naturalistic treatment of two lovers: doctors and teachers. He dropped into the symbolism and theatricality of everything else in the program, which seem hokey and tasteless. Significantly, it only becomes interesting when you strip naked to swim, stop being characters in the traditional sense of the word and become a vision of healing and hope among the ruins.

Dzuma, after all, is a fairy tale. There is no need for pathos. It is not even necessary to correlate some tangible validity such as, for example, the situation in Poland to give. Because the metaphor has a lot in our lives. Dzuma is about the outbreak. And the plague, as Braun said to himself, "is evil." Dzuma Text Story

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Dzuma Text Story
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