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Dzuma Scary Story on Hooked

Dzuma Scary Story on Hooked Septic form (lat. Pestis septica) contains, in addition to non-specific symptoms, a large bacteremia. As a result of systemic infection, as a macroorganism reaction, there is a common inflammatory reaction syndrome (lat. Sepsis). As a result, microembolism formed into extreme bacterial blood vessels in the fingers and toes and nose, resulting in gangrene (black manifested by staining of tissue). These symptoms are similar to the description of the "Black Death" epidemic of the Middle Ages. In this way, the prognosis is very serious. Read Also Dzuma Dzuma Text Story Hooked

In one embodiment of the lung (Lat. Pestis pneumoniae) symptoms of severe exudative pneumonia with hemoptysis, dyspnoea and cyanosis. The prognosis is much more severe than in the form of bubonic plague. Figure embolism is characterized by infectivity highlighted by the droplet (no fleas).

Pneumonia is an outbreak in hemorrhagic, intrabronchial inflammation with erythrocyte pseudomembranous effusion.

Early diagnosis is based on clinical history and epidemiology. To confirm an outbreak of the materials used bacteriological culture of lymph nodes, blood or sputum. PCR and serological methods are also important. The final confirmation is performed in the laboratory with a high degree of biosecurity (3, 4). Dzuma Scary Story on Hooked

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Dzuma Scary Story on Hooked
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