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Dzuma Dzuma Definition Polish

Dzuma Dzuma Definition Polish Plague (black death, plague, blight epidemics) - an acute infectious disease of bacterial mice and (rarely) other small mammals and humans (zoonoses). The disease is caused by infection with G (-) anaerobic Enterobacteriaceae called Yersinia pestis.

The most common among animals and humans, a form of bubonic plague. The infection usually occurs as a result of a tick bite (especially rat flea, Xenopsylla cheopis), which were previously infected by the bite of rats, squirrels, nieświszczuków czarnoogonowych or other small mammals. After infection, the bacteria migrate through the blood and lymph to lymph nodes, which after about five days revealed the regional enlargement of these organs (the so called Bubo). Bubonic plague is caused characters can also the consumption of food or water (rare in humans) were contaminated. Read Also What Does Dzuma Mean in English

This number is usually a septic complication of bubonic plague. In some patients they develop, after the bubonic form, after the initial sepsis.

Can occur heart-shaped outbreaks, either as a primary infection (in this case occurs through droplets, person-to-person, with the exception of tick vector infection, mice) or secondary pneumonia dżumowe as a complication of bubonic . This form is characterized by a very high transmission (unknown to science, however, cases of pneumonic plague infection for example, ventilation system).
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Dzuma Dzuma Definition Polish
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