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Dzuma Dzuma Baby Story

Dzuma Dzuma Baby Story The naked body in the street. ,,, Bodies. ,, The woman with the baby, feed her babies in public, but they do not have, without breasts, only an average. Babies with crazy eyes, come. --Jan Karski, a Polish witness cited by the Shoah, Claude Lanzmann, illustrates the Warsaw ghetto when it is at the end of the summer of 1942.

Dzuma means "plague". In Dzuma, playwright Poland Kazimierz Braun build a moral and political fable about an outbreak of the plague.

This is not an idea that has never happened before. The metaphor was nothing if it is not popular these days. Only last season, red noses of Goodman Theater Pike Peter Barnes, which include Northlight White Plague Karel Capek, offers Maria Irene Fornes The Danube - the first two are the moral and political fable built around an outbreak of the plague; The latter, a sharp moral and political blow to the eye that is built around plaguelike nuclear disaster effects. There is a master's thesis for a person in the study of outbreaks of contemporary theater diseases. Read also What is dzuma meaning polish

Why the epidemic interested in the epidemic? I'll tell you what I think. I think the outbreak is the main picture in all this hyphen because the plague is the main picture of the 20th century. No more than capturing the spirit of this era. A sense of anguish and helplessness. Sense of traps and convulsions. The feeling of living at the end of the millennium of history.

However, we have AIDS. And the widespread famine. In addition, the greenhouse effect. In addition, plastic does not rot, nuclear waste never cools, toxic chemicals that make eating an apple instead be a risky business.

We have drugs and the war on drugs, poverty and absolute ignorance in the face of poverty. We arrived at Mussolini and Pinochet. We have a pathological obedience that makes Reaganism work.

Most importantly, we have experienced a political psychosis that changes throughout this century into a holocaust that is long, stretching from Armenia to Auschwitz to Cambodia and Guatemala. People like to think of tragedy as aberrant genocide, it happens in isolation; But it is actually the norm, and it continues. A reason for the ages. Black death our own. No wonder the playwright thinks in terms of an outbreak. Dzuma Dzuma Baby Story

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Dzuma Dzuma Baby Story
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