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Definition of dzuma Baby Story

Definition of dzuma Baby Story Reality behind Dzuma - real underlying fiction outbreak of disease is bad fight of repression that plagued Poland in 1981, It is never directly stated, of course: Braun has lived and worked in Poland while writing Dzuma and therefore is forced to speak in code. However, the code is not difficult to break. Polish spectators seem to have to break quite easily, reported Braun Teatr Wspolczesny filled far beyond capacity and provide standing ovations 106 - one for each show - until the government closed the show and theater.

Here, at the premiere of the American premiere at Chicago Actors Ensemble, the decoding process is accelerated by the addition of a prologue adaptation by Tadeusz of the Polish Konwicki Complex, in which the author speaks of his disability as a Pole, said that Were to understand much better when the fate of the country exploded, such as some infectious diseases in the wind, "to the west and are placed in his country, his house, his head, when the torturers of the Supreme Destiny that drag from his hot bed and Begin torture without you stopping everyday life and without hope, joke, shackles, began to slowly get rid of your brain, constantly poison your heart ... "Therefore, the Poland / bud granted equation can not be released. Read Also Dzuma Dzuma Baby Story

Despite this, what we see on stage and in different rooms where we go to a pedestrian-style production is not a Jaruzelski robbery per se, but the disease progresses made biological - the plague, produced by a group of mice Evil, fox, dangerous, well-organized, and really naughty.

We saw one person died and knowing that others fell like flies. We saw a foreign journalist, angry that he was looking for ways to avoid quarantine and return home. We saw a writer tried and could not write the romance of the cost while the epidemic closing around him. We saw a bureaucrat describing the fields are inevitable and a magnet preaching of faith and courage. We saw doctors and nurses reduced to cleaning after the mice.

In a segment of length, a company actor seems to eliminate the "sadness passed our society", from The wise women of Moliere. Rat looked in vain. Or survive.

The situation, in short, very terrible. Not only, as indicated by a single character, by suffering and death, social and economic paralysis, isolation caused by the plague, but because people get used to everything. Someone started issuing a newspaper called The Chronicle plague.

However Dzuma not desperate. It may be about hope. On the possibility of community reactivation. A young mother giving lectures on this subject at the end of the game, pulling the basket diaper and hanging it on a barbed wire fence is dry. Braun even allows the relationship between dedicated and dedicated friend doctors and an iron will - a teacher with a more positive mental attitude than the Clement Stone W. could shake the wand. Definition of dzuma Baby Story

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Definition of dzuma Baby Story
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