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Baby born holding birth control

Baby born holding birth control By giving birth to a nine-pound baby on April 27, a new mother was shocked to discover that her method of contraception was chosen to hide in the middle of the placenta. In an announcement of the birth of the hysteria that has since passed, he shared a photo of his new baby by grabbing the IUD. He explained the photograph, "Mirena no!"

Although contraception - or IUDs, as it is commonly called - is 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy, Lucy appears to be part of a rare 1 percent group. As it was pointed out in a himpitannya, "strength is strong with this." Read Also where did isaiah thomas go to college

Posted Lucy has already received thousands of Facebook shares. In a commentary, Lucy explained that the obstetrician knows the IUD and had planned to look for it shortly after giving birth. Fortunately, obstetrician managed to find it and finally contribute to this incredible opportunity. Baby born holding birth control

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Baby born holding birth control
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