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Why is australia in the eurovision

Why is australia in the eurovision While the last, great Sete Terry Logan was calling for this every year without fail every time the entry of Israel has occurred along, and let the contest is not about geography, but joining the European Union Broadcasting (IBO). Where each Member State is eligible to participate.

Since both Israel and Armenia are members of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (despite being outside the continental margin), therefore, Mahlan to participate in the competition. Israel was, in fact, members of the Inter-Parliamentary Union since 1957, despite not having participated in Ioroviciun until 1973, while Armenia only joined in 2005, making the competition for the first time the following year.

Membership also allows Azerbaijan and Georgia, which are only partially in Europe, to participate in the competition. Remember that people, the idea is in the name. It is the European vision of the words of the competition, not the Euro-contest between the competition ...

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Well, technically possible, yes. There was another talk in 2015 of the so-called Inter-Parliamentary Union for "guest states" again and there are not enough remote countries are associate members of the International Parliamentary Union, which can join it. Canada, for example, associate members, as well as China, Japan and the United States of America. Can you imagine?
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Sweden, Portugal, Australia did it through the Eurovision contest

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What about the other members of the countries of the Inter-Parliamentary Union? Can you also participate?

Yes, there are many other countries that belong to the European Broadcasting Union, but do not participate in the competition (and other countries that have done in the past, but not for a period of time). As a whole group of Member States have a right in the European Parliamentary Union to participate in the Conference, including Luxembourg, Monaco and Andorra, including Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.

And many other countries, including Liechtenstein, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Palestine, Qatar, also applied for membership at one time or another. We doubt if they all joined in the competition lasts about 17 hours.
Did any of them actually participate in?

Many of the above mentioned are reluctant to do so because of Israel - Lebanon participation, for example, all were scheduled to participate in 2005, but opted for Aline Lahoud 's Quant Sinifuet song. But they withdrew from the competition because of their refusal to issue Israel's entry (contest rules state that the broadcast must be broadcast by the participating countries altogether). This is what they had entered however:

For others, Morocco has participated once, in 1980 (when Israel decided to give the Miss contest), and the total record of seven points and immediately disappeared again. Here is a moment of glory:

Any other qualified person?

Yes, the Vatican City belong to the Inter-Parliamentary Union. But we do not think they will be involved in one way or another. Why is australia in the eurovision

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Why is australia in the eurovision
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