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Are zach and tori having a dwarf baby

Are zach and tori having a dwarf baby As they prepare to receive their first child in the world, Tori Zach and Roloff must prepare for the possibility of giving birth to the little girl.

In an exclusive smile look at the premiere of Little People, Big World, on Tuesday, the question of whether or not your baby will have dwarfed whether or not parents will soon appear - and Tori feels anxious.

"Two of our question today is sex, and if the baby has a kind of dwarfism," Zach, 26, said ahead of a forthcoming ultrasound. Read Also Baby born holding birth control

"It's a big problem," says Tori. "It's scary. No parent wants to hear that their child is different, no matter what it is."

"But for me, it was no different," Zach said. "It's just like me!"

While Tori found a frightening possibility for him, Zach tried to think of a better way to express it.

"What better word than 'fear'?" I ask. "Is it fear, or is it exciting?"

"I think as a parent it would be scary," says Tori. "If you do not know anything about dwarfism and you know your son is a dwarf, it will be scary. There are some things that will happen if you have children with achondroplasia who will be harder to have a child with a high average."

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Zach admits that small people "face the risk of having more health problems" - and reflect on their own.

"I have to straighten my legs, so I about to get double hit," he recalls. . "Then I had to go back running the second year of high school, add screws to the leg So I will not say: 'Oh yeah, man, I hope my kids have dwarfism All the fights will face heck yes Can wait.?! 'But I'm not going to say,' I have high hopes of high media 'normal children also have problems' ..

"I feel like a father who is going to be terrible," says Tori. "If I was not married to a dwarf, it would be scary."

But Tori will be "a great mother no matter what," Zach insisted. "He will adapt to any situation we face."

And at the end of the day, no one can stop his love for his firstborn.

"Whatever happens, we will love it," says Tori.

Little People, Big World return Tuesday at 9 pm ET on TLC. Are zach and tori having a dwarf baby

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Are zach and tori having a dwarf baby
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