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[Ans] What does covfefe mean?

"no matter the constant bad press covfefe", Donald Trump posted on Twitter in the dark. but no one clearly is aware of what it way.

The president's cryptic and mysterious tweet has spawned memes and a number of confusion as human beings workout what he was attempting to mention.

Even Merriam-Webster, the dictionary that has grow to be certainly one of Donald Trump's most distinguished and not going critics, had to make clear that it failed to recognize what the phrase intended.

nearly virtually, Donald Trump become trying to write the word "coverage" while he wrote "covfefe". no longer most effective does it feature the identical first three letters and in shape well into the word "terrible press coverage", it's considered one of Donald Trump's favored words.

He final posted it in March, while he became complaining approximately the the big apple times' reporting.

but it has been a favourite phrase of his even before he had launched his presidential bid or became complaining approximately the media.

what's less clean is why Mr Trump only tweeted out what appears to be the primary a part of the tweet, leaving the sentence incomplete and with best a established clause to start it. Mr Trump became probably going to complete the tweet with intended evidence that he changed into doing nicely.

He has sent out some of such tweets in the beyond – he used the phrase "in spite of" 3 instances on Twitter in March, as an example, all in tweets that attacked the information media.

The only other time that Donald Trump tweets the word "in spite of" is whilst he is speakme about the Democrats. (He has tweeted the phrase "notwithstanding" 9 times considering he won the election in November closing year, and each single post has been about the media or his political opposition.)

it can be that the president became flustered with writing a phrase that he has had to type again and again in recent months, and frustratedly bashed his keyboard before hitting the ship button.

that might explain why he control to give up the phrase with the letters "fefe" – though f and e are close to the e and r of insurance, they are nowhere close to the a wished to finish the word. As such, a easy typo seems not going unless Mr Trump is an especially imprecise typer.

that might also give an explanation for why the iPhone that Mr Trump sent the put up from failed to correct the phrase: it's miles definitely too not like the phrase that he was aiming for, coverage. The iPhone's keyboard would not autocorrect the phrase "covfefe", and the nearest proposal that its spell check has is "coffee".

but a few have advised conspiracy theories: in case you kind "covfefe" into Google Translate and inform it that it's Russian, then it translates it into "Soviet". That has given a few

Google Translate clearly indicates that the phrase is Samoan, if you use its "come across language" characteristic. however it cannot translate it.

It would not be the first time that a person inside the White house tweeted out a mysterious code. In January, press secretary Sean Spicer tweeted the word "n9y25ah7" – a message that some presumed could have been his Twitter password – posting nonsense phrases two times in two days.

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[Ans] What does covfefe mean?
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