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a problem occurred while loading cards Google currently has two applications launcher play store. Google is now a launcher and a pixel launcher. In a few months, you will be the only one. According to an e-mail message by the informer, Google has alerted GMS partners of their intention to remove the Google Now Launcher Play Store application in the coming weeks. OEMs that use LNG have options, though.

The email (which you can see below) shows that the library service is a launcher search for OEMs that were in evidence now available. This is what Sony is using to integrate the Google panel now (now just Google feed) on its launcher shares a while ago. This means that OEMs can force the Google Now tablet application into any jar they wish. Some device manufacturers were sending LNG, including Motorola and Nexus devices. Google says you can just grab Launcher3 from AOSP and add search services, or build a new jar. It is unclear whether anything, Google will for Nexus devices. Next google now failed to load cards

Google plans to eliminate the GMS option package on March 1, which means that any device with a pre-installed launcher will be approved after that. Existing devices can continue to use liquefied natural gas, however. Technically it will be updated through the Google application. However, the list will disappear by the end of Q1 2017 (ie now nest). Which afflicts people installing only their liquefied natural gas from their store. You can continue to use, but do not expect much improvement. It would be nice if this meant that a pixel jar would open for other phones, but I did not hold back my breath. google now failed to load cards

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a problem occurred while loading cards
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